A world where Christ’s unconditional love is felt by all of creation.


To be Christ’s hands and feet in this world.

We pursue our mission by:

  • Celebrating God’s love through worship and music;
  • Caring for all of God’s creation through service to one another and stewardship of our natural environment;
  • Nurturing children and youth through providing education and opportunities to play a meaningful role in the life of our church.


St. Mark’s core values are:


We value the abundant sharing of our love, time and talents.


We believe that differences enrich our community and our common ground is our loving Creator. We are called to love and support each other following Christ’s example. All people, including people of all sexual orientation, gender identities, race, beliefs, faiths and abilities

are welcome to be who they are in this community.


We value the relationships we have in our community by nurturing and supporting each other in times of struggle, respecting differences of opinion, and dealing with conflicts in an open manner.


We value working towards peace and justice in the world around us through collaboration with other organizations and faith groups.