The death of a loved one is a time of sorrow for the family and close friends of the person who has died, as well as for the wider community in which that person worshiped and lived. It is a time to share our grief as well as an opportunity to be encouraged and comforted by our hope in the resurrection.

The Service

The service is customarily conducted according to the Funeral Service found in the Evangelical Lutheran Worship hymnal. When the service is to be held outside the church, the order of the service will be adapted as appropriate, in consultation with the pastor.

The service may take the form of a memorial service, in which there are no remains present. When the body is present, the casket may be placed in the parish hall of the church or at the front of the sanctuary for viewing prior to the service, if so desired. If the casket or urn are in the narthex (entry hall) prior to the service, the casket or urn precedes the mourners into the church, and will be placed before the altar. For the service, the casket may be covered with a funeral pall provided by the congregation. An urn containing the ashes of the deceased is placed at the front of the worship space on a table provided by St. Mark’s.

It is appropriate for the funeral of a Christian person to include a celebration of Holy Communion in the service; however, this is not a requirement.

Coffee or Lunch Reception

If it is desired to have a coffee or lunch in the St. Mark’s fellowship hall following the funeral service, please inform the pastor or parish office in advance. The family or a representative of the deceased are asked to make their own arrangements regarding the provision and serving of lunch. Such a lunch can be prepared by family members and friends or by a commercial catering service.

Upon request, members of the congregation may be available to provide coffee, tea and juice and also serve at a reception held in the St. Mark’s Parish Hall.

Associated Costs

Honoraria are requested for the services provided by the Pastor and Director of Music. There are also costs assigned to the extra duties of our staff related to preparing for, performing at and cleaning before and after the funeral service. A nominal fee is also applied for the use of the church building. Please refer to our Schedule of requested honoraria and fees for more detail.