Why Confirmation?

Confirmation is not just about acquiring knowledge or completing a study program. Neither is it about creating conformity of belief or thought in students. It is primarily the learning about and growing in the relationship that God has made with us, and how that relationship impacts our lives in every way.

The confirmation program is intended to help the student be mindful of their relationship with God, to understand and strengthen it, and to embrace living a Christian life. The program invites students and their families to focus and expand their connections with each other, within the church, and within the community as Jesus calls us to do. Confirmation is a meaningful journey, a rite of passage, an accomplishment to the benefit of the student, the family and the church requiring a serious commitment from program leaders, students and parents.

Overall Program

The Confirmation program at St. Mark’s is a two-year program for students in the Grade 8 to 10 age range (approximately ages 13 – 15). It involves learning about the Bible, the Sacraments, the Creed, the Lord’s Prayer and the 10 Commandments.  Field trips and volunteer activities, including serving as Acolyte during worship services, assisting with Christmas Hampers, volunteering at the CLWR warehouse, attending MNO Synod Youth & Campus Services, Synod Retreats, etc., will support the curriculum and foster spiritual and community connections. It is expected that Confirmation students and their families commit to attending worship services regularly, to embrace the learning and service opportunities within the congregation and the community, to model Christian values and to grow together in faith.

Our Confirmation program is a collaborative effort with Faith Lutheran Church and Epiphany Lutheran Church. Classes, which run from September through to May, are held approximately every second Sunday. Large groups (all 3 congregations) will meet approximately once a month from 1:00pm to 3pm. Small group (St. Mark’s alone) will also meet approximately once a month (usually two weeks after the large group class) from 12noon to 2pm.


The Curriculum is called “Head to the Heart” (H2H) from a Lutheran organization called FaithInkubators. It is a fast-paced, highly interactive learning program that involves power-point presentations, skits, games, small group discussions and also parent-child faith conversations at home. We have been using this curriculum since 2007-2008.

Field Trips & Presentations

To make the Confirmation experience and learning meaningful, more attention will be given to field trips, presentations and events. A number of these will involve travel from the church and also at a time different from the regular class time.  Parents will be invited to participate in and accompany the students on a good number of these. The plan is to also extend an invitation to the whole youth group to be part of such an events, so learning and interaction with older youth will also take place.

Home Huddles and Home Assignments

Handouts will be a key component to the parent-child home conversations and parents are asked to be faithful in their use of the Huddles with their child.  The handouts are to be placed in a student binder/duotang (provided). Students are expected to bring their duotangs, completed Huddles and assignments to each class.

Questions & Concerns

If you have any questions in advance of the meeting, or are unable to attend but wish to enrol, please contact the pastor directly at (204) 452-4326 or e-mail pastor@stmarkslutheran.ca