In  Feb / March 2022, St. Mark’s took initial steps to create a Reconciliation Ministry focus by hosting two presentations  by Jim Thunder of “Reconciliation Thunder”. The presentations focused on Canada’s colonization methods (such as the Doctrine of Discovery and the Indian Act), how they have harmed Indigenous people, and the role of churches in some of these methods.

Presentation Recordings

Session 1 (February 27)

Session 2 (March 13)

Session 2 (Presentation Slides) – PDF VersionPowerPoint version

Reconciliation Workshop – May 7, 2022

Following up to two sessions on the need for reconciliation presented by Jim Thunder, the Social Ministry Committee hosted a workshop to discern what might be recommended to St Mark’s Church Council related to the congregation’s reconciliation work.  Read the Reconciliation Workshop Notes.

Resource Materials Highlighted in Session 2

Jim has recommended the following resources in response to questions posed during the presentation:

In response to the question about speaking to grandchildren:

In response to questions about the Indian Act:

Another video about the Indian Act generally:

Other Resource Materials

Those interested in doing some reading in advance of the presentation are invited to explore any or all of the following resource materials

Reconciliation Thunder- Timeline

Dear Younger Me: An Open Letter to my Younger Self

“Race, Trauma, and the Doctrine of Discovery” – Mark Charles
An excellent 1 hour session which lays a great foundation using Church history

We Don’t Just Need Jesus: Part 1

We Just Need Jesus: Part 2

Faith Today article

Christianity Today article

Racism and the Church

Horizon Video Series

Indigenizing the Cooperative Model (This one is useful reading but is not faith-based)